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Know why thousands of travellers choose Carhood vs. Airport Parking

Want to see how much you can save?

On average, Carhood customers save $1500+ in Airport Parking fees each year


Melbourne Airport generates over $350,000 in Airport Parking fees every day!

How Carhood works

Simple, fast & secure: Listing your car with Carhood is easy.

1. List your car

Fill in details online of your car and trip, this only takes a couple minutes.

2. Drop your car off

Drop your car off at our Carhood depot, located only minutes from the airport terminal. We'll give you a free shuttle to the airport.

3. Collect your car

Upon return, pick up your shiny clean car. Pay nothing, earn something. No brainer.

Why Carhood is the right choice

Free Secure Airport Parking

Airport Parking is so expensive these days! Park your car with Carhood 365 days a year and never pay another cent. Parking is always free, even if your car isn’t rented.*

Free Car Wash

Carhood will detail the exterior and interior of your car before and after it gets rented out.

Make money while you're away

Get paid for each day your vehicle is shared with an approved fellow traveller.


All vehicles are insured for comprehensive & third party cover by one of the largest insurers in Australia.

Safe Community

All renters are vetted and must meet our stringent criteria.

You're in good company

Join the tens of thousands of happy travellers using Carhood already

Dean Goodwin

Used Carhood for the first time this month. Dropped my car off and got personally driven to the airport, upon returning I waited no longer than 10 minutes to be picked up after I got my bags. My car was cleaned and ready to go. No more paying for parking and taxis for me! Can strongly recommend using Carhood, it just makes sense.

Emily Sowter

I left my car with Carhood for the first time this weekend and was very impressed with the service and convenience. I saved a chunk of money on airport parking, and when I picked my car up it was probably the cleanest it's been since I bought it! I just love this concept - linking cars that would otherwise be taking up (expensive) space near the airport with people who want to drive them! Everyone's a winner - travellers, drivers, and the environment!

Liam Ayres

Easy drop-off and pick-up, super friendly service, car looks cleaner than I reckon it's ever been, plus after 3 weeks overseas came back to find my car had been rented out during my time away so all up I even gained a bit of cash. A smart and professional business which Australia has been waiting for. Thanks again Carhood.

Frequently asked questions

How does insurance work?

Underwritten by one of the largest insurers in Australia, IAG, Carhood provides free comprehensive and third party insurance  on your vehicle whilst it is being used by a fellow traveller. This covers any theft and collision damage up to the market value of the car along with $35,000,000 of third party liability coverage. Your personal insurance is not impacted in any way either.

How much does it cost to list my car?

Absolutely nothing. Zilch!


Do you offer a shuttle to and from the Carhood depot?

Yes. Carhood offers a free shuttle to and from the airport within core operating hours (6am-11pm). The shuttle bus takes less than 10 minutes, depending on traffic conditions

How much can I earn whilst I am away?

The average car owner earns $10-15/day, plus the free car wash & free airport parking. If you leave your car for 30 days or greater we will even guarantee you $250 per month in earnings. 

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